International Students

Welcome  to our Higher Education School!

Established in 1978, I.E.S. MAESTRE DE CALATRAVA is a Higher Vocational Education School which offers Vocationally-focused Higher Education Qualifications in  International Business  and Marketing, Computing,  Business Administration and Finance as well as Motor Vehicles.

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds including those who have work experience  in related employment.

We aim at providing our students with  a high level of technical skills that will be needed by many organizations.

The programme of study requires our students to study  between  10 and 16 modules over two years. The number of modules varies depending  on the course. To be awarded this  qualification, students must pass all the modules.

This Higher Education Qualification has been designed to enable successful students to  progress to University should they wish to do so. Our qualifications open up the possibility of a career in a wide range of areas throughout commerce, industry, entertainment and the public sector.

With about 240 students doing higher vocational courses, the School provides our students with Higher Education Qualifications which include theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in companies of the field.